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Handmade Bricks

Weathered Orange Handmade

The Weathered Orange Handmade is an orange bodied handmade brick featuring subtle hints of black and white sands to the face.

Rural Multi Handmade

The Rural Multi Handmade is a blend of red, orange and dark multi hues, with a subtle texture to the face. This brick provides a stunning range of colours in finished brickwork.

Potton Weathered Cream Handmade

The Potton Weathered Cream Handmade is a through coloured cream handmade brick, textured with weathering to the face.

Tunstall Red Handmade

The Turnstall Red Handmade is a plain, soft red handmade brick with a subtle texture to the face.

Foxton Cream Handmade

The Foxton Cream Handmade is a plain cream bodied brick with sands and texture to the face.

Townhouse Blend Handmade

The Townhouse Blend Handmade is a deep red bodied brick with a subtle addition of black sand to the handmade face.

Orange Village Handmade

The Orange Village Handmade is a blend of orange and red handmade bricks with a subtle colour contrast and handmade texture to the face.

Oasthouse Orange Handmade

The Oasthouse Orange Handmade is a plain orange bodied brick with a subtle addition of white sand and handmade texture to the face.

Delvin Grey Handmade

The Delvin Grey Handmade is a blend of dark and light greys with the addition of black sands, with a subtle handmade texture to the face.

Melford Blend Handmade

The Melford Blend Handmade is a blend of plain Orange and Weathered Red bricks that is ideal for seamlessly matching into existing weathered properties.

Old Dark Blend Handmade

The Old Dark Blend is a red bodied brick with white and black sands subtly added to the face.

Borley Blend Handmade

The Borley Blend Handmade is a blend of darks, reds and oranges with a subtle handmade texture to the face.

Dark Multi Handmade

The Dark Multi Handmade is a dark purple handmade brick with lots of colour variation and iron spotting to give a unique finish.

Old Barn Mix Handmade

The Old Barn Mix Handmade is a red bodied brick with a subtle addition of white and yellow sands to the handmade, textured face.

Hurlingham Grey Handmade

The Hurlingham Grey Handmade is a vibrant grey handmade brick, ideal for matching into period properties or to enhance prestigious landscaping projects.

Plumley Red Handmade

The Plumley Red is a claret bodied brick, with a consistent colour throughout.

English Red Dragface

The English Red Dragface is a plain red wirecut with a dragwire texture to the face.

Audley Antique

Audley End Mix Handmade

The Audley End Mix Handmade is a salmon red bodied brick lightened with the addition of sand to the face. The blend is completed with the addition of fully sanded bricks in both white and black.

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